Tell us about Thracians

Project title


Lead Partner(name/country)

Union of the Edirne Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers, TURKEY



Priority axis

Axis 2: Improvement the quality of life

Area of intervention


Duration (in months)


Total budget (in €)

92 297.29 €

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to achieve balanced sustainable development build upon the key strengths of the Bulgaria-Turkey cross-border co-operation area in contribution to stronger European co-operation and integrity with the specific aim to improve the quality of life by efficient use of common natural resources as well as protection of natural, cultural and historical heritage values. The project will achieve this with building capacity for sustainable use of cultural resources, cultural and historical values.

A research study on Thracian culture and sights in the cross border region under the priority axis 2.2: Capacity building for sustainable use of natural resources, cultural and historical values will be done.  

Specific Objectives:

• Preservation and promotion of the Thracian culture on the territory of the cross border region;

• Developing of informational materials for the cultural diversity and the ways for its preservation and promotion;

• Developing of programs aiming at forming an appreciation and knowledge about the Thracian cultural resources;  

• Improving the exchange between the Bulgarian and Turkish cross border regions in the field of Thracian culture;

• Planning of joint activities related to the preservation of the cutural diversity;

• Support of the cross border partnership and interdependence on the base of a joint program strategy for promotion of the Thracian cultural heritage in the cross-border region.

Project Activities

Management and implementation of the project

This activity starts with the procedure of appointment of a joint project team - a project manager which will be from the Lead partner. Each partner will appoint also its project staff including a coordinator, accountant and secretary of the project. In order to provide good project management and internal monitoring of the project implementation 2 working staff meetings are planned - one in each region, as well as constant communication by telephone, fax and internet (e-mail, skype). The technical and financial reporting of the project will be done according to the requirements and rules of the Programme by both partner teams.            &n bsp;            &nbs p;                           &n bsp;            &nbs p;                   

Preparation and fulfillment of tender procedures in the project

This activity includes the choice of suppliers for the preparation and implementation of the tender procedures of each partner, as well as their delivery according to the requirements of PRAG for choosing subcontractors. It will be done in several stages: choice of consultants for the tender procedures /Bulgarian and Turkish/; definition of the terms of reference to the participants; - send invitations and guidance to the participants in the tenders; preparation of contracts with the selected subcontractors; delivery of tender procedures; evaluation of the offers; final preparation and signature of contracts with the selected subcontractors.

Supply and installment of equipment

The planned activities in the project require the availability of proper equipment for their implementation. As a result it is planned to purchase and install equipment for the needs of both partner organizations. After the end of the project the equipment will be used by the partner organizations for their activities and promotion of project results.  

Development and promotion of a project web site

The web site of the project will be developed in three languages - Bulgarian, Turkish and English. It will be done at the beginning of project implementation in order to publish update information about the project activities. Using the platform Google Earth the locations of the Thracian Monuments will be marked in Bulgaria and d Turkey border regions. The aim is to create an accessible web site with detailed information about the Thracian cultural monuments in the border areas of Edirne and Kirklareli in Turkey, as well as in the districts of Bourgas, Haskovo and Yambol in Bulgaria. The web site will allow the development and promotion of a common tourist routes. It will encourage the cultural and religious tourism in the region.

Preparation, fulfillment and reporting of research activities

A detailed research activity will be implemented in Turkey and Bulgaria. It will be six months. The research will be done by two teams (Bulgarian and Turkish) and each of them will describe, photo and position on the map all Monuments. In the research teams there will be experts with experience in the field of archaeology and history. The results of this activity will be reported during a seminar which will be held in Edirne. There will be final press conference where the results of the research will be announced. The locations and the photos of the sites will be promoted using Google Earth map. A data base of Thracian cultural sites in the cross border region will be developed. The implementation will include: development of data base on the Thracian sites based on existing information before the research and after it. A specific emphasize will be granted in the data base to the new monuments.   Development of joint program for preservation and promotion of the Thracian culture.

Organization and delivery of mutual seminars - workshops and meetings in Bulgaria and Turkey

There will be two four-day seminars during the project implementation. The first one will be at the beginning of the project and will be hosted by BRTA. There will be a common meeting of project team and the researchers for identifying the Monuments in both border regions. The available information about Thracian sites will be discussed and presented. The tasks and routes of the researchers will be planned. Study visits of some Thracian sites will be organized in the districts Bourgas, Yambol and Haskovo. After the end of the first seminar results will be summarized. The second seminar will be held in Edirne at the end of the project. It will be a four-day seminar - one day meeting with the researchers in order to report their findings. The other 3 days will be visit of some Thracian sites in the provinces Edirne and Kirklareli. 19 participants will take part in the seminar - researchers, members of the project team, guests.

Printing and distribution of brochures, a book and DVD

Brochures will be prepared and printed - in Turkey and Bulgaria 5000 brochures, 3000 books with maps and 3000 DVDs, which contain the maps to show the places of the Sacred Rock Monuments and the brief information on the archaeological materials. They will be prepared in Turkish, English and Bulgarian. The brochure is a guide for tourists who come to the region to be able to navigate the area without need of guide persons, and to be able to visit the Thracian monuments. Promotional materials will be distributed to foreign embassies, departments of archeology, art history and history in the universities, tourist information offices, public institutions and organizations, civil society institutions, museums.  

Publicity and visualization of the project

The project includes diverse activities for information of the public and provision of publicity in compliance with EU Regulations and guidelines. Press announcements published on regular bases and upon each important event and working meeting of the project team – 4 press announcements; Press conferences - in Bulgaria and Turkey upon commencement and closure of the project; Information materials of Thracian cultural sites in the territory of both countries with logos; Flags – for each partner;

The information materials - pens, notepads with programme visual elements; brochures, books, DVDS - with logos; web site of the project - with logos;

Project Results

A BOOK - Anthology (As a result of the research study a joint Anthology   published) Map (As a result of the research study an Anthology published) – 3000 copies;

Brochures for the promotion of Thracian cultural monuments and sites – 5000 copies;

Web site -established in the 2nd month of the project

Increased Tourism Capacity

The cross border region will be much more attractive with diversified tourism products, including Thracian sites and culture. This will attract not only national but also international tourists - mainly those that spend their summer holidays on the Black sea coast. They will attend one ot two-days trips to visit Thracian sites.

Increased Number of Persons who make research on Thracians

More researchers and scientists will be attracted to take part in studies on the Thracian culture and monuments.

Increased awareness about the rich cultural and historic heritage in the region

As a result of the seminars and awareness raising campaigns more people will learn about the rich heritage from Thracians in the cross border region.

Target Groups

The members of Union of Edirne Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers - 14500

Members of BRTA – 26 institutions