Press conference in Edirne (Turkey) in January 2014

Studies conducted on the Project of “Tell me About the Thracians” continues

        Within the scope of European Union’s Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross- Borders Cooperation Program, the studies conducted on the Project of “Tell Me About the Thracians” still continues of which is being performed by Edirne City Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen as being the leader partner in Turkey side as well as Burgaz Regional Tourism Association in Bulgaria side.  

            The project team performing their studies under the scope of this project had evaluated the current status arrived by the project and the relevant road map during their working group meeting. The principal objective of the Project is to bring the natural and cultural resources located both in Turkey and in Bulgaria into forefront by the supports of the European Union and within this framework, it is aimed to draw attention to the Thracian culture of cross-border area under the scope of this Project as well as preparing relevant brochures and similar materials providing information about the Thracians. In addition, it is targeted to take and issue a common inventory about the Thracian Culture by enabling relevant knowledge exchange between the parties.

            As being the leader partner of the Project; Edirne City Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chairman Mr. Emin İnağ mentioned that they are continuously trying to contribute into tourism sector with their studies conducted. Mr. İnağ continued his words as follows:” For the purpose of drawing more tourists to our Edirne city and for contributing into our national economy; we are continuing to our studies and projects as non-stop. While we are defining this region where we still live as the Thrace Region, on the other hand we have insufficient knowledge about the Thracians who had named after this region. With our Project, we are aiming to contribute into publicity of Thracians who had left us densely historical remains both in Bulgaria and in Turkey. Today, Bulgaria has been utilizing and benefiting from the Thracians intensively in tourism sector. We are targeting to advertise and promote the Thracian remains in our Edirne city as well and we are aiming to enable the visits of especially the foreign tourists to Edirne. As being two estimable members of very few Thracology experts throughout the world, Dear Mr. Prof. Dr. Engin Beksaç and Dear Mrs. Prof. Dr. Valeria Foll will work within the scope of our Project. Our project team is a very successful team having also the necessary experience. Our project partner, Burgaz Regional Tourism Association is already an active association in tourism sector for a long time. I believe that we will provide a significant contribution into our region by accomplishing our targets in this Project.”

            Burgaz Regional Tourism Association Chairman Mrs. Sonya Elinova mentioned that a tourism dynamism and mobility focused on the Thracian Culture will be lived in the cross-border region by virtue of this Project and she continued her words as follows: “I believe that we will make important contributions into tourism within the scope of our Project. Thracian Culture focused tourism in Bulgaria is quite well for a long time already and yet with our Project, we are targeting to create an effect increasing the tourism on both sides of the borders.”

            As being the Turkish Thracology expert within the scope of “Tell Me About the Thracians” named Project, Mr. Prof. Dr. Engin Beksaç mentioned that Thracian Culture is a culture that had modeled the Balkans and he continued his words as follows: “Thracian culture is much older than the Greek culture in the region and it had played a very important role on the development of Balkan geography. Today, a foundation of a common culture and brotherhood in the Balkans can be successfully accomplished by bringing the Thracian Culture to the forefront. In Turkey, the Thracology is not in the desired levels yet. However, great studies were conducted in Bulgaria on the Thracian Culture and important scientists were raised on this subject. As being one of the estimable scientists on Thracology throughout the world Dear Mr. Alexander Foll’s precious wife Mrs. Valeria Foll will take place in our Project as the Bulgarian expert. These studies would make great contributions into tourism of Edirne city. I would like to take this opportunity in order to thank to Dear Chairman, Mr. Emin İnağ and to Edirne City Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen for their valuable studies performed on this subject.”